Truck Bodies

We offer a wide variety of truck bodies to accommodate all your needs from landscape to construction and beyond. We have certified installers along with superior salesman that will lead you in the right direction. Truck bodies can be designed in several different ways with hundreds of options so once the truck hits the street, it is ready to serve you properly.


Service Bodies


Challenger ST truck service bodies are rugged, dependable mobile workstations. These service bodies offer multiple compartments and large, open cargo space to provide generous storage and hauling room for all your work truck equipment. The storage compartments of Challenger ST service bodies come standard with material trays and can be further configured with optional drawer packages, hooks and additional trays to keep your work truck organized, so you can quickly locate tools and improve your efficiency. To protect your assets from theft and the elements, these service bodies also offer convenient keyed-alike locks, double-panel steel doors with fully concealed bolt-on hinges and weather-tight seals.


MDST Medium Duty truck service bodies provide multiple storage compartments and generous cargo space for medium-duty work trucks. These service bodies are constructed with heavier gauge steel than our standard MDST service bodies making them a durable, rugged solution for demanding medium-duty work truck applications.

MDST Medium Duty service bodies also feature adjustable shelves and material trays and can be further configured with optional drawer packages and hooks, along with additional shelves and trays, to keep your work area organized. This can help you quickly locate your tools and work more efficiently. To protect your work truck equipment from theft and the elements, these service bodies also offer convenient keyed-alike locks, single-panel steel doors and weather-tight seals. MDST Medium Duty service bodies are a versatile, durable option for your medium-duty truck.


For over 75 years Warner Bodies has been the industry leader in building the toughest, most versatile utility bodies in the United States. Warner Bodies utilizes the latest, state-of-the-art technologies to go beyond the cookie-cutter approach to manufacturing. It is the pride of true craftsmen that adds the fit, finish, the quality and value—making Warner Bodies the best service bodies in America.

Van Bodies



More than 30 years ago, STAHL was the first manufacturer of truck service bodies to design a Utility Service Van (USV) body to fit a cutaway chassis. Today, STAHL is proud to introduce the next generation USV. Our Utility Service Van bodies feature exclusive lock-bolt construction; fully concealed, bolt-on door hinges with integral, spring-loaded door holders; high-styled body sides; single-stage rotary latches; clip-on door seals; and large, clear door openings.

These van bodies are designed for businesses that require covered work areas and maximum storage space for work truck tools and equipment on the go. Spacious interior load space and exterior compartments provide abundant storage, while the walk-through bulkhead design provides quick and convenient access to all your work truck equipment. A large, enclosed cargo space provides extra hauling room and can double as a covered work center.

Our Utility Service Van bodies offer 65 percent more storage space than conventional van bodies and up to two tons of payload capacity. Heavy-duty galvanneal steel body construction, automotive door seals and rotary latches with stainless steel paddle handles extend the service life of these work trucks. STAHL Utility Service Van bodies are a popular choice for a variety of work truck users, ranging from electricians and plumbers to telephone and electric utilities.

Crane Bodies

Heavy Duty

STAHL’s SCX truck crane bodies give you the storage space you need with reinforced construction to support your crane’s lifting capability. Reduce the risk of injury from lifting by letting the truck crane do the work for you. These crane bodies are reinforced to withstand the demands of various lifting applications. They also feature multiple compartments and large, open cargo space to provide generous storage and hauling room for all your work truck equipment.

Our SCX crane bodies feature adjustable shelves and material trays. They can be further configured with optional drawer packages, hooks, shelves and trays to help you organize your work area and quickly locate tools. Keyed-alike locks, single-panel steel doors and weather-tight seals ensure your work truck equipment is protected from both theft and the elements. When you need a reinforced crane body to meet your lifting requirements, coupled with ample storage, SCX truck crane bodies are the ideal choice.



Rugby offers a wide selection of durable, performance driven hoists for a wide range of applications. High quality and innovative, Rugby hoists provide stability, reliability and power.

Trailer Hoists

Trailer Hoist

Rugby’s line of durable Scissor Hoists range in capacities from 2.6 to 35.7 ton and fit bodies from 7 to 22 feet long.

Truck Hoists

Truck Hoist

Rugby trailer hoists are specifically designed and tested for dump trailers; with 8 models Rugby has the right hoist for your application.

Landscape Bodies

Rugby landscape bodies combine the features and accessories that landscape contractors want the most, with the durability and strength they need to get the job done. Landscape bodies from Rugby are the most versatile and accessible bodies available.

Landcsape Unibody

Landscape Unibody

Rugby’s “Landscape Uni-Body” is a 12 foot, fully welded, premium stakeless body with centered horizontal formed rib.

Landscape Body

Landscape Body

The most versatile and accessible body available, Rugby’s Landscape Bodies are available in 9.5′, 12′, 14′ & 16′ lengths with 48 in high corrugated sides of 14 gauge construction.

Versa Rack Cargo Body


Rugby’s Versa Rack Cargo Body gives you the ultimate versatility in stake rack bodies! 42-inch tall panels come in 4, 5, or 6-foot sections depending on body length.

Light Dump Bodies

Rugby’s line of light construction dump bodies provides contractors quality, durability and versatility. Several models are available to suit a variety of light duty applications. When contractors need productive, reliable, hard working dump bodies, they choose Rugby!

Eliminator LP


The Eliminator LP Dump Body is the industry leader in Class 3-5. Available in 9′ to 12′ lengths with 12″ and 17″ side height options.

Eliminator LP Stainless Steel

Eliminator Stainless

Corrosion resistant and more durable than high tensile steel, polished Stainless Steel bodies offer a modern, bright, easily maintained and attractive appearance.

Eliminator LP Aluminum

Eliminator Aluminum

Increased payload, improved fuel efficiency, plus corrosion resistance, in addition to lower maintenance costs and lower tire and brake costs with Aluminum bodies.

Eliminator MD  

Eliminator MD

Increase productivity by combining side and rear dump capability and enjoy pinpoint load placement and greater functionality in tight jobsites with the Eliminator-MD.

Rancher Bodies

Rugby’s Rancher, built for performance and durability, is also one of the most versatile platform bodies available. Rugby’s Rancher easily conforms to the specific application, providing a new level of jobsite productivity.

Rancher Bodies



Rugby’s “Rancher” truck bodies are designed and built for the professional that demands durability, performance and style.

Aluminum Rancher Bodies

Aluminum Rancher


Rugby’s “Rancher” truck bodies are designed and built for the professional that demands durability, performance and style.

Skirted Rancher Bodies

Skirted Rancher

Rugby’s Wildcat Rancher HD stands up to the toughest job sites and difficult working conditions and is well suited for the oilfield and other highly demanding construction applications.

Medium & Heavy Duty Dump Bodies

Rugby’s medium and heavy duty dump bodies are designed to help contractors maximize payloads and achieve optimum productivity in the field.

Contractor Dump Bodies

Contractor Dump

Rugby’s Contractor Body has convenient fold-down sides and is available in lengths of 12′, 14′ and 16′ with volume capacities ranging from 4-6 cubic yards.

Titan Dump Bodies

Titan Dump

Designed to meet bigger capacity, class 5-7 needs, Titans feature a sleek yet strong look, a dirt-shedding top rail, 10 degree sloped tailgate & radius front corner posts.

Platform Bodies

Platform Body

Rugby’s platform bodies are built to exceed the highest expectations for performance and durability. Decks available in various combinations of wood, smooth steel and tread plate, along with numerous bulkhead and stake rack combinations.